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Volume correctors gas B25

Intended to measure the quantity of natural gas, as well as single and multicomponent gas mixtures. Used with gas meters with pulse output for calculating the actual gas consumption, reduced to standard conditions with regard to the existing operating temperature, pressure and gas composition. Produced since 2002, registration No U1626 in the State Register of measuring instruments, calibration interval - 2 years. Structural performance of the corrector B25: single or dual (two correctors in a calculator); corrector temperature modification of T, the limit of the relative error of ± 0,10%; correctors of temperature and pressure: PT1 and PT2 modification, T, relative error limits, respectively, ± 0,50%, ± 0,25%, ± 0,15%.

Features and Options:

  • higher accuracy class of 0.15% and 0.25% in the correctors modifications PT1 / P and PT2 / P;
  • 16-fold the working range of the measured pressure in the equalizer PT2 / S: (0,06 ... 1) · Pmax;
  • economy version of the corrector modification PT1 / S;
  • the possibility of measuring gas in two lines;
  • the highest degree of protection: special explosion-proof class 0ExiaIICT6;
  • Indoor and outdoor use with protection from direct exposure to rain and snow;
  • operating ambient temperature range from -30 to +60 ° C, for areas with a cold climate;
  • IP65 degree of ingress protection with 100% control of the manufacture;
  • Sensors of stainless steel, a high degree of safety and reliability;
  • transmission of information on the choice of type 7-art interfaces, 3rd communication protocols at speeds up to 115 kbit / s, etc. .;
  • self-powered by a lithium battery size AA SAFT with a lifetime of 12 years;
  • two batteries: the battery compartment in the main and the backup in the calculator; priority to the use of battery power compartment; simplicity and ease of replacement of the battery compartment: as needed, at any time without access restrictions, arbitrary polarities;
  • detailed archives of great depth: time - 86 days, per diem - 2 years, monthly - 10 years;
  • nonlinearity correction function and the conversion factor of gas meters;
  • angle sensor output shaft of the gas meter.
New Technology - St. Petersburg
Tuesday, February 18, 2020