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Heat meters vapor X11

Designed for commercial accounting of steam and thermal energy in the steam supply systems. Measured temperature, pressure, flow, weight and heat of steam. Operating ranges of temperature and absolute pressure - up to 200 ° C and 25 bar. Limits of relative error of measurement, no more than the mass of vapor - 1% of thermal energy - 2%. Universal grade for steam supply systems with a return line and without. Ability to connect the hot water meter with pulse output to control the condensate in the return pipe.

The shipment contains a calculator with an autonomous power supply and cables connecting the sensors, two temperature sensors with protective sleeves and lugs for the supply and return pipelines, absolute pressure sensor with the union and the pulse tube, flow sensor pair (single structure of the venturi VT GOST 8.586 with standard flanges PN-25 for mounting on pipes DN 50 ... 125 and differential pressure sensor). The maximum encoder cable length - 15 m.

New Technology - St. Petersburg
Sunday, September 15, 2019