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"Measuring Technology" and NPP "WEB-gas":
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Base "Measuring Technologies" - 1998 SPE "WEB-gas" - in 2012.

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of precision measuring equipment for industrial and consumer applications, conduct basic research in the field of metrology. System of production and management companies meet the requirements of the quality standard ISO-9001: 2008.

Scope of manufactured equipment: measurement and control of temperature, pressure, angle, flow rate and volume of liquids, steam and gases, the energy of heat and cold. Achieved metrological classes relative error of measurement: temperature - 0,007% (0,03 ° C), a temperature difference - 0.07% Pressure - 0.1%, the angle - 0,03% (0,1 °), the volume of fluid - 0.5%, steam mass - 0.3%, calculate the energy of heat / cold and gas - 0.01%, for all operating conditions, the use of equipment.

Accuracy of calculation of thermal energy at the level of standards.

See. Directory Lezhoeva RS Ephraim and VE "Thermal properties of water and steam in the temperature range 0 ... 229 ° C and pressures of 0.1 ... 5.0 MPa."

Main products:

Distinguishing features of the products:

  • high reliability and quality since 2004 on basic equipment warranty 5 years, the life of the equipment is more than 12 years;
  • can supply up to eight independent measuring devices in one calculator: functional integration and a significant reduction in price;
  • the possibility of complete self-measuring equipment, ie, independence from the power supply, weather conditions and the presence of other influences;
  • metal corrosion and resistant to freeze the measured liquid flow sensors, temperature and pressure at various assembly lines from 15 to 2000 mm - an integral component of operational reliability; an extensive range of analog and digital sensors to better suit the conditions of use;
  • metal housing calculators provides the necessary strength and ingress protection, protection from electrostatic and electromagnetic fields;
  • sensational warranty on hull transducers made ​​of stainless steel - 50 years;
  • high degree of protection from a variety of external factors, including resistance to the operating conditions at temperatures ranging from minus 30 to plus 60 ° C, which allows the operation of the equipment inside and outside the premises and ensures long-term stable operation of the equipment, the degree of ingress protection IP65, IP68 and IP68 / IP66 with 100% control at production;
  • uncompromisingly low energy consumption: Power supply - Lithium battery size AA, provides up to 12 years of continuous operation;
  • optional battery compartment: backup power with the priority use of the battery compartment; simplicity and ease of replacement of the battery compartment: as needed, at any time, without access restrictions, arbitrary polarities;
  • detailed archive information accumulated a great depth;
  • all types of modern data collection and transfer of accumulated data, including non-contact infrared and fiber optic interface cable interfaces RS232, RS485, USB, M-bus, MT-bus, UART, Pulse and radio as well as telephone, internet and GSM channels protocols communication Mod-bus, M-bus, MT-bus plus library of software modules for data acquisition systems with other protocols, information transfer speeds up to 115 kbit / s;
  • language selection menu of three options (Russian, Ukrainian, English), other languages ​​are available upon request;
  • small size and weight of the equipment;
  • completeness of the standard package: includes everything needed for retrofitting;
  • the latest versions of server software are presented on the website of enterprises for free use.

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